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Musical Instruments: Yamaha Music Line 6
Audio Interface
Model: Sonicport VX | Code: L6SPVX
Audio Interface
Model: SONICPORT | Code: L6SP
Audio Interface
Model: UX2 | Code: L6UX2
Audio Interface
Model: UX1 | Code: l6UX1
Expression Pedal
Model: FBV | Code: L6FBV
Guitar Amp
Model: Spider V 20 MkII | Code: V20MkII
Guitar Effects
Guitar Amp/Speaker
Model: AMPLIFI 30 | Code: L6AMPLIFI30
Guitar Effects
Model: Pocket POD | Code: L6PP
Stompbox Effects
Model: M9 Stompbox Modeler | Code:
Wireless Mic with Receiver
Model: XD-V35B | Code: L6XD-V35B
Wireless Guitar Relay with Receiver
Model: RELAY G30 | Code: RELAY G30
Wireless Guitar relay with Receiver
Model: RELAY G10 | Code: l6g10