Our Products
Power Tools: Clarke
7 Pc SDS+ Drill Bit Set for Concrete
Model: CHT387 | Code: CT1801387
1⁄2’’ Professional Ratchet
Model: PRO250 | Code: CT1700650
1⁄2’’ Drive Professional Ratchet
Model: PRO75 | Code: CT1700475
3kVA Portable Petrol Powered Generator
Model: FG3050 | Code: CT8857707
Ear Defenders
Model: CS1ED | Code: CT8133430
30m X ½’’ Pro Garden Hose
Model: PGH50 | Code: CT7956000
Magnetic Parts Tray
Model: MPT2 | Code: CT7640060
Cantilever ´Contractor´ Tool Box
Model: CC700TB | Code: CT7631066
3 Tier Service Trolley
Model: CTT5 | Code: CT7630223
Load Leveller
Model: CLL500 | Code: CT7630115
7 Pcs Panel Beating Set
Model: CPB7C | Code: CT7630072
2 Ton DIY Trolley Jack
Model: CTJ2B | Code: CT7621810
4 Ton Body Repair Kit
Model: CS4BRK | Code: CT7617000
2 Tier Service Trolley
Model: CTT4 | Code: CT7600222
1’’ Booster Pump
Model: BPT600 | Code: CT7237006
Sack Truck
Model: CST11 | Code: CT6500183
Aluminium Sack Truck with Runners
Model: CSTA150 | Code: CT6500182
Heavy Duty Platform Truck
Model: CPF200 | Code: CT6500160
6” Bench Grinder
Model: CBG6RZ | Code: CT6500105
4 Pc Gear Puller Set
Model: CGP4 | Code: CT6500004
Rotary Oil Pump
Model: COP1B | Code: CT6499600
24v Cordless Combi Hammer Drill
Model: CON24 | Code: CT6485065
Multipurpose Sharpening Tool
Model: CMPS1 | Code: CT6480235
Electric Drill Bit Sharpener
Model: CBS16 | Code: CT6480232
SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill
Model: CRD620 | Code: CT6480205
Vac King Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Model: CVAC20SS | Code: CT6471105
14” Abrasive Cut Off Saw
Model: CCO14 | Code: CT6470167
Car Polisher
Model: CP254 | Code: CT6462108
2100W Router & Kit
Model: CR2 | Code: CT6462075
Duo Saw
Model: TS125 | Code: CT6462047
Battery Charger & Engine Charger
Model: BC100N | Code: CT6210101
150 amp ARC/TIG Inverter Welder
Model: AT150 | Code: CT6012250
300mm Vernier Caliper Digital
Model: CM265 | Code: CT4500365
36” Folding Aluminium Access Ramp
Model: AR3 | Code: CT4002605
Universal Soldering kit
Model: CSK100 | Code: CT3400760
Hot Air Gun
Model: CHG2000B | Code: CT3400755
13 Amp 4-Way Surge Protection Ext. Lead
Model: C24SP | Code: CT3220840
13 Amp Multi Point Extension Lead
Model: C24 | Code: CT3220835
Under Bonnet Inspection Lamp
Model: CUH100 | Code: CT3220823
DIY Multi Sander Kit
Model: CAT86 | Code: CT3110830
21° Round Head Framing Nailer
Model: CFN21 21° | Code: CT3110396
Cab 3P Air Brush Kit
Model: 3P | Code: CT3110320
Long Nozzle Blow Gun
Model: 25C | Code: CT3090155
8m Heavy Duty Ratcheting Tie Down
Model: CHT759 | Code: CT1801759
Oil Filter Cap Wrench Set
Model: CHT695 | Code: CT1801695
Long Screw Driver Set (TS & Star)
Model: CHT659 | Code: CT1801659
Hand Riveter Kit
Model: CHT648 | Code: CT1801648
199 Pc DIY Tool Kit with Cantilever Took Box
Model: CHT641 | Code: CT1801641
5 Pc Putty Knife Set
Model: CHT618 | Code: CT1801618
Quick Change Trimming Knife
Model: CHT515 | Code: CT1801515
2-in-1 Pipe Bender
Model: CHT401 | Code: CT1801401
Universal "O" Ring Set
Model: CHT314 | Code: CT1801314
Piston Ring Compressor
Model: CHT257 | Code: CT18001257
Extending Wheel Wrench
Model: CHT163 | Code: CT1800163
3 Pc Lock Grip Pliers Set
Model: CHT116 | Code: CT1800116
6 Pc Mini Plier Set
Model: CHT111 | Code: CT1800111
24 Pc AF / Metric Spanner Set
Model: CHT105 | Code: CT1800105
3 Pc Welding Clamp “C’’ Type
Model: CHT102 | Code: CT1800102
3/8’ Professional Ratchet
Model: PRO249 | Code: CT1700649
½’’ Drive Digital Electronic Torque Wrench
Model: PRO237 | Code: CT1700635-37
14 Pc ½’’ Torx Female Deep Socket Set
Model: PRO192 | Code: CT1700592
3/8’ Swivel Head Rapid Wrench (245m long)
Model: PRO157 | Code: CT1700557
29 Pc Extra Long Hex & Torx Key Set
Model: PRO75 | Code: CT1700475
3/8’’ Drive Professional Ratchet
Model: PRO74 | Code: CT1700474
35 Pcs ¼ Drive Socket Set
Model: PRO22 | Code: CT1700422
3’’ Feeler Gauge
Model: EPC12CAB | Code: CT1700331
Rotary Oil Pump
Model: COP1B | Code: CT6499600
2100W Router & Kit
Model: CR2 | Code: CT6462075
Long Screw Driver Set (TS & Star)
Model: CHT659 | Code: CT1801659
Staple and Nail Gun
Model: CSG10 | Code: CT1800200
2-in-1 Pipe Bender
Model: CHT401 | Code: CT1801401