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Tires: West Lake Tires - Rp18
Model : RP18
  • Symmetrical tread pattern allows multiple tire rotation option for increased tread life.
  • All season touring tread and siping provide excellent year-round performance
  • Elaborate siping and tread pattern allows for superior water dispersion
  • Vertical siping patterns assist in lateral traction while increasing stability.

The RP18’s all-season touring tread and siping provide excellent year-round performance. Efficient siping and tread pattern allow for superior water dispersion, while the lower profile design enhances steering response and handling. Step up to a better tire, step into the RP18.

Size Thread Depth
Load Index & Speed
Section Width
Overall Diameter
Max Load
Dual Max Load
Manufacturer Code
195/50R15 7.9 82V 201 577 475 ATYW195/50R15