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Tires: West Lake Tires - Sv308
Model : SV308
  • Reduced rolling resistance
  • Shortened braking distance
  • Semi-continuous sipes reduce noise in high speed driving

The V-groove and streamlined pattern design supplemental with two wide longitudinal grooves for drainage and rim protector on the sidewall can provide superior high speed stability in straight driving and excellent handling performance. Adoption of silicon dioxide technology substituted for the traditional carbon black can reduce the rolling resistance, increase the traction and shorten braking distance to ensure the safety of driving.

Size Thread Depth
Load Index & Speed
Section Width
Overall Diameter
Max Load
Dual Max Load
Manufacturer Code
225/55R16 8.2 99W 233 654 1709 TYW225/55R16
205/55R16 8 94W 214 632 1477 ATYW205/55R16