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Tires: West Lake Tires - Su307
Model : SU307
  • All season SILICA-based compound for improving wet and dry traction without sacrificing tread-wear
  • Two wide circumferential grooves ensure quick and efficient water dispersion
  • Reinforced tread blocks enable maximum rubber-to-road contact for better handling

The SU307 all season 4X4 tire which is armed with the unique pattern design of streamlined lateral crossed grooves and tiny zigzag sipes has optimal handling performance and excellent ride comfort both on paved and unpaved road. The SU307 make less noise and offer a better ride comfort because of the optimized distribution of multi-pitch supplemented with slanted stripes. The SU307 also offer excellent steering performance on dry and rain roads, prominent anti-hydroplaning function.

Size Thread Depth
Load Index & Speed
Section Width
Overall Diameter
Max Load
Dual Max Load
Manufacturer Code
265/70R15 12 112H 272 753 1120 TYW265/70R15